Writing and Real Estate. These are my passions and it’s what I do each and every day of my life.


If there’s anything I love as much as writing and doing deals in real estate it’s coaching others to do what I do!


If you’re looking for someone to speak about changing the use of single-family properties to create cashflow give me a call.


As a ghostwriter over the past 8 years, I have written a number of business books and most recently a book on another real estate entrepreneur’s journey.

The Bathrobe Investor

How it all started

When I told a few friends that I was creating this website they said collectively, “Well, it’s about time!”

That’s because they’re aware of what I’m doing in my life now, which is a mix of writing and real estate. These are my passions and it’s what I do each and every day of my life.

You might wonder why I’d call myself “The Bathrobe Investor.”

It stems from the way I conduct a lot of my daily operations. You see… I’ve worked from an office in my home for several years. It’s rare when I have to work on-site anywhere, so I get to be as comfy as I want as I write and look for my next properties.

Yes… in my bathrobe most days.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that my neighbors think I live in my bathrobe. But I figure it’s pretty cool to have the freedom to be able to wear my sleep pants, bathrobe and slippers while earning a living.

The only time you’ll find me in street clothes is when I’m rushing to a meeting! (Granted, I have a few of those each week, but that’s the nature of the beast. To be a real estate entrepreneur means you will have plenty of face-to-face meetings and even more phone conversations.

Hey, doing what I do is fun and I don’t plan to give it up any time soon… if ever. Why would I when the only way to earn consistent cashflow in a passive way is through real estate.

Would you like to have that level of freedom in your work?

You can. You absolutely can!!

It starts with a belief in yourself… that YOU can do this thing called real estate investing, too. By leaving your 9-to-5 mindset behind you will push yourself ahead, step by step, to create the life you desire.

Over time, I’ll be creating videos to add to this site, and you can bet that I’ll be adding lots of articles over time!! From time to time I’ll load guest articles for you that I think you’ll enjoy, too.
For now, start with this first article: