The Good, the Bad & the Ugly About Real Estate Investing From The Bathrobe Investor

What Do You REALLY Want?

What does your ideal life look like? What's in your head? Because that's where it all starts... in your brain. You hear a lot about vision boards and vision books, but do they work? If so, why? First, let me tell you that YES it works. In fact, a great number of truly successful individuals started years ago

Things to Do to Get Yourself UN-stuck!

Sometimes life gets messy and really, really busy. We all have 18 things on our to-do list and then get frustrated when only eight of them get done. Oh, wait... maybe that's just me. Seriously, though I am one of those super-productive people, even I get stuck sometimes. It can feel like my feet are buried

The #1 Reason People Don’t Invest in Real Estate

This doesn't need to be a long or fancy post. It's just something I've been helping people with lately and it's making me crazy, because this one thing keeps popping up. It's also the one thing people can fix once they set their mind to it. So, let's get to it... What is the #1 reason

Your Spare Room = Extra Income!

[caption id=attachment_623 align=alignleft width=420] Spare room? You could earn $1000 a month or more![/caption] You might have extra cash not-so-hidden in your home! Where is it? HINT: It's not in your walls; it's within the walls of your home... If you have a spare room or even -- as crazy as this may sound -- if you