As a professional writer for 25 years, I’ve written a number of articles, website content, blog posts, blurbs and even a handful of non-fiction books. As a ghostwriter over the past 8 years, I have written a number of business books and most recently a book on another real estate entrepreneur’s journey.

The man’s story is unique and over the time I’ve been working with him he has become my mentor. What I have learned from him I can now pass to others. His name is J. Massey, founder and CEO of Cash Flow Diary.

J. is one of the best educators I’ve ever met. While I had training before, it lacked mentorship and I failed to use what I learned. That all changed when I met and started working with J.

If you are looking for education into the basics of real estate investing and becoming an entrepreneur, you should start at I can personally vouch for the quality of this training.

But what does this have to do with my books?

During a conversation with J. in early 2015 we were discussing how I might help someone who was falling further and further behind on payments. We tossed a few ideas back and forth, and that’s when I learned what “change of use” really means.

Over the next several months I went through a personal learning curve so that I could look at any single-family property and even apartment buildings and out-of-date commercial properties to find a new use for them. In short, the properties speak to me.

I took a partner in a property in California and together we changed the use of it, got the seller above water with his payments and structured payments over time so he could live elsewhere, and created a cashflowing property. Then we went on to teach others how to do it. We coach and speak together and separately. You can see what we do together on

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Currently, I am working on a book to help entrepreneurs across all industries. The title is WHY AREN’T YOU BIG? This book is due out early 2017!

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